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[PS2] Hunter X Hunter: Ryumyaku no Said


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Hunter X Hunter: Ryumyaku no Saidan








Main character Gon lives on Whale Island with his aunt Mito. Ever since he was a child, Gon wanted to find his father who was a Hunter. His dream then, was to become a Hunter himself and find poppy. Hunters are adept specialists who seek out targeted objects and pleasures in various vocations ranging from ancient treasure to the finest food delicacies. They're refined experts and as such, must develop skills, take on challenges and eventually pass the Hunter Qualifications Exam. Along with aspiring Hunters Reolio and Clapika, Gon sets off to meet the world.

As the story in the PS2 game commences, ancient ruins have been found and the government in jurisdiction contacts the Hunter Association for help in protecting the site from interlopers. The head of the Hunter guild contacts Gon, Clapika and Reolio and sends them off on a mission to learn more about the ruins and fend off a mysterious figure. Gon and comrades travel in a 3-D world with full control afforded to the player. An Aura System shows attack power available to each character for players to plan whether to fight or run. A bonus card is included in each game featuring any one of six characters.






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